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A few kilometres from Verona, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classico region, you'll find Gargagnago, the home of Amarone (Borgo dell'Amarone). Alongside its wine heritage, the village is also famous for being the home of Dante Alighieri, Italy's most famous poet and playwright. Anthony and Lucia Raimondi came to Gargagnago over fifteen years ago with the intention of producing authentic Valpolicella Classico wines. They based themselves at Villa Monteleone, a 17 th century villa, surrounded by vineyards and a beautiful park that has been designated a national monument. The 1989 vintage was their first. Since then, Anthony and Lucia have visited many cellars in the region, getting to know the different producers and gaining a vast knowledge of the traditional wines, while making close friends in the Valpolicella. This passion and dedication are the basis of their true understanding of the spirit of the land and its people.
This personal commitment, allied to continuous updating of the infrastructure, viticulture and equipment, has transformed what was once a private cellar, into a winery focused on producing high-quality wines. Villa Monteleone's grapes, which are always picked by hand, are of such quality that they can endure a raisining period lasting several months. Depending on the conditions of the vintage and the weather, pressing takes place between January and March. Following an initial slow fermentation under controlled temperatures, the wine is left to continue its natural evolution in small wooden barrels over many months, until the right level of maturity is reached. It is these vinification techniques and our respect for the age-old traditions of the Valpolicella that ensure the exceptional elegance of the Villa Monteleone wines.


Villa Monteleone in Gargagnago
a story of a dream and a love-affair

Interview to Lucia Duran Raimondi “lady of the wine” who, in Valpolicella, continues de activity initiated with her husband years ago
by Franco Ceradini

Lucia Duran Raimondi born in Bogota but American by adoption (she lived 20 years in Chicago) has lived in Villa Monteleone in the Valpolicella for 20 years.  Villa Monteleone dates to the late 1600s, a property beautiful and harmonious as the wines it produces; wines which are faithful to the tradition but true and modern in the care with which are conceived and brought to perfection.  From the courtyard of the villa, at the feet of the hill, which from Gargagnago brings you into San Giorgio Ingannapoltron, one of the “magical” sites of the valley, one glimpses one of the last old vineyards, still intact, in the Valpolicella.   (continue...)


Via Monteleone, 12 - 37015 Gargagnago (Vr) - P. IVA: 03059510234
Tel e Fax + 39 045 6800328 -



Visiting Valpolicella
What to do, see, and taste in this gorgeous
corner of Italian wine country.
Everyone who visits Italy wants to get
a taste of great wine. And it's safe to assume
that most tourists think about visiting

Piedmont for some Barolo or Barbaresco,
or Tuscany to swill some Sangiovese.
But Italy has much more to offer,
particularly in regions that aren't
the first thought for tourists
as Valpolicella, in the Veneto… (continue...)













Our Wines

Valpolicella D.O.C. Classico
“Campo Santa Lena”

This youthful but well structured wine is extremely versatile. It is ideal for everyday drinking, but can also stand up to more sophisticated dishes.... (continue)
Valpolicella D.O.C. Classico
Superiore Ripasso
“Campo San Vito”

This is a broad, inviting and well-balanced red wine that goes particularly well with red meats. It is also excellent with strongly flavoured soft cheese...

Amarone della Vapolicella D.O.C. Classico
“Villa Monteleone”
This wine is absolutely delicious when served with delicately cooked meats or games. It also goes wonderfully well with mature, low-fat cheese such as Monte Veronese or Grana Padanoi... (continue)
Amarone della Vapolicella D.O.C. Classico
Riserva “Campo San Paolo”
Mature cow’s milk cheese offers the perfect match for Amarone, and especially for this refined version which makes the texture of the cheese even creamier... (continue)
Recioto della Valpolicella D.O.C. Classico
This Recioto’s elegant style goes particularly well with fruit tarts baked with sort-crust pastry. Its delicate sweetness and rich fruit also make it perfect foil for a pecorino di fossa... (continue)