"Pal Sun"

Recioto della Valpolicella D.O.C. Classico

General Characteristics

A refined process, which starts from a winemaking and rasping of the grapes, followed by a controlled fermentation and maceration on the skins, at monitored temperature for 20 days, in small barrels. Replacements frequent and periodic delestages during the first phase of fermentation, alongside manual punching exhaustion of sugars.

Aging in wood: 36 months - Bottle aging: 12 months

Perfect pairing?

The expressive finesse of this Recioto is to try with shortbread stuffed pies of red fruit jam. The just mentioned sugars and the fatness which is fitted to make it perfect for a pecorino cheese.

Technical Specifications

Grape composition Corvina, Corvinone e Rondinella
Production area Valpolicella Classica, hilly area (m 280 above the sea-level) with southern exposure
Traning system and planting patterns Pergola veronese
Avarage age of the vineyard 30 years
Yield per hectare 29 hl
Grape harvest First days of October, manual harvest in boxes. Withering in the loft for about 130 days (drop weight of the bunch at around 50%)

Villa Monteleone. Via Monteleone, 12
37015 Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Vr)
+39 045 680 0328 - info@villamonteleone.com

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