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"When my husband and I founded the Villa Monteleone winery, we asked ourselves 'what is the wine that we imagine ourselves creating?' We envisioned a wine whose taste would immediately conjure up images of Valpolicella. We fervently wanted it to epitomise the characteristics of this region and its wines. We decided it could not be a wine which aped current trends and so we set out to create a classical style while using modern techniques. My husband would often say that Amarone should be like a great woman: an iron fist in a velvet glove!".

-Lucia Duran Raimondi-

Gargagnago is just a few kilometres from Verona. This enchanting and beautiful place, worthy of a Renoir painting is a jewel in the crown at the heart of Valpolicella Classico DOC zone. And, it is here that you will find Villa Monteleone. This 17th century family home typical of that era was built at the foot of a hillside. A handsome building it elides harmoniously into a panorama of pre-Alpine vineyards and it is a similar harmony we strive for to ensure our wines reflect their origin. In an effort to encapsulate the richness of this terroir, it has been our aim to remain faithful to tradition but incorporating a modern approach, and we work carefully and judiciously in developing and perfecting our wines without compromise.

The village of Gargagnago has become known as “Borgo dell'Amarone”, the hamlet of Amarone. The historic presence of the revered poet Dante raised its profile and put it on the map and, fascinatingly, it has remained the home of his descendants for many centuries, even until the present day.
You can hike from Villa Monteleone following an uphill path to San Giorgio. We love to send our guests on this walk in the springtime so that they can enjoy the delicate scents of violets and wild mint. We also do this because it leads to one of the valley's most magical spots.

Once close to San Giorgio you come upon the spectacle of one of our most-prized vineyards whose positioning seems virtually impossible. But, thanks to the geology and the micro-climate of this vineyard, this fabulous fruit creates our prized Villa Monteleone Amarone. On the return journey, not far from the Villa, you'll find one of our most recently planted vineyards. These vines provide us with the grapes used in our Valpolicella, 'Campo Santa Lena.' If it's peace and tranquility you crave, you can't go wrong in our garden's natural arbour. Overlooking the lush neighbouring vineyards it's the perfect place to enjoy the restful feeling of seclusion, detachment and respite.

And yet, on the opposite side of the Villa's courtyard is our historic cellar which is of course an operating winery. Thanks to the manner of its construction it guarantees naturally occurring conditions ideal for its purpose: to make Amarone wine, to carry out the process of the Ripasso method and for cask-aging.

All of the wines bearing the label Villa Monteleone are elaborated here. 'Campo Santa Lena', 'Campo San Vito', 'Villa Monteleone Amarone', and the Recioto, 'Palsun'. The winery Villa Monteleone considers itself a custodian of this terroir and its bounty. We work respectfully and carefully in an effort to make the most of every step on the way to arriving at the finished product: the wine. Since the very beginning, our wine has been made showing the greatest respect for the traditional winemaking techniques of Valpolicella whilst embracing where possible the many ways in which these techniques have been improved.

What this means in practice is that most grapes are harvested by hand and placed in small crates. Subsequently, they will undergo drying and pressing before being perfected, after a slow fermentation at controlled temperatures, under oak for several months. At the day's end, with the setting of the sun, we are blessed with the spectacle of reddish hues colouring all around - the vineyards, the walls of the 17th century Villa, and the park's ageless canopy. The perfect time to enjoy the fruits of our labour, a glass of our wine whose contents attest to the magic of this terroir and the wisdom of its inhabitants.


Villa Monteleone. Via Monteleone, 12
37015 Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Vr)
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